Parking Information

If you are a current annual parking pass holder, no action is required.

Fall semester passes: Current permit holder in a gated lot

  • Obtain a fall semester pass through IPASS and enter your existing access card number for continued use upon approval; otherwise, your spring semester pass will expire on August 31, 2023.
  • Current users will be required to modify their user name to access IPASS and re-register for Fall 2023 semester. (Example: Current User Name “DCLORDS” modify to “DCLORDS2023”).
  • Ensure the activation date on your IPASS application indicates September 1, 2023.

Fall semester passes: Current permit holder in a hang-tag lot

  • Obtain a fall semester hang tag through IPASS; When you arrive on campus, visit the Parking office to pick up the new hang tag; otherwise, your spring semester hang tag will expire on August 31, 2023.
  • Ensure the activation date on your IPASS application indicates September 1, 2023.

Fall semester pass: New Users

    • Please note: Your student ( email address is required when registering for a parking pass.
    • First time purchasers who require a fall semester pass are required to register online through IPASS.
    • Ensure the activation date on your IPASS application indicates September 1, 2023.
    • Payment for parking permits can be made through the IPASS website, either by credit card or pre-authorized payment.
    • After completing the registration, an email will be sent within 24 to 48 hours from IPASS.
      • The email response from IPASS will be either a(n):
        • Approval email with follow-up instructions.
        • Disapproval email due to non-institutional email on your application.
        • Disapproval email due to incorrect credit card or banking information.
        • Disapproval email due to full capacity reached in requested lot.
    • In the instance of a disapproval email, please resubmit your parking request through IPASS by making the appropriate correction(s) (e.g. using your institutional email, correct banking information, etc.) or choosing a different lot.
    • Pick up your access card or hang tag prior to August 31, 2023 at either the Parking office in the Gordon Willey building or Whitby Main Campus between Monday and Friday, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.
    • Initial access cards will be provided at no charge. Replacement cards can be requested for $25.

    **Employees, please contact the parking office by email for the Interactive Parking Access Subscriber System (IPASS) website for staff.

    Daily parking

    • Daily parking is available in two types of lots –Pay & Display or gated lots.
    • The cost for daily parking is $5 per hour with a maximum of $18 per day.
    • Tap debit and credit card payment is now available at exit gates.
    • Pay Stations accept cash, coins, debit and credit cards and are located in the Founders 2 lot (south-east corner), and Commencement lot at the Oshawa campus. Two pay stations are available at the Whitby campus, one inside the main building entrance and one inside the CSTT building entrance.
    • Whitby campus parking: For the first six weeks of each semester, Durham College has arranged for temporary, off-site parking for Whitby campus students, located at the Landmark Cinemas parking lot at 75 Consumers Drive. Overflow parking is free and includes daily shuttle service, Monday to Friday between the hours of 7:45 a.m. and 5:15 p.m., typically every 30 minutes.


    Be advised that students purchasing parking passes for hang tag lots must park in their chosen/assigned lot.  Vehicles parked in other areas or lots other than the lot purchased will be ticketed.


    STUDENT LOTS AND RATES Semester rate Yearly rate
    Commencement $ 325.00 $ 650.00
    Founders 2 $ 325.00 $ 650.00
    Founders 4 (CIC) $ 300.00 $ 600.00
    Founders 5 - North CIC Lot $ 200.00 $ 400.00
    Simcoe Village Lot $ 325.00 $ 650.00
    Ball Diamond Lot $ 300.00 $ 600.00
    Whitby $ 325.00 $ 650.00