Pathways: Within Ontario/Canada

Degree-completion opportunities allow you to further your education while saving time and money. There are countless opportunities for you to transfer your Durham College credential to earn advanced standing toward a degree at institutions across the country.

In addition to degree-completion opportunities available to any Ontario college graduates established by a number of universities across the province, Durham College has pre-negotiated a number of agreements allowing you to gain advanced standing toward a degree. Check out the Durham College Transfer Guide to view transfer opportunities between Durham College and a number of institutions.

While the transfer guide is a great starting place for your research, you should follow up with the institution you’re interested in attending for the most up-to-date information about application procedures, deadlines, fees, etc.

If you’re unable to find a degree-completion opportunity for the school or program you’re interested in pursuing, opportunities may still exist. You can visit the Ontario Postsecondary Transfer Guide to search for opportunities or visit the Transfer Profile page for the institution you’re interested in attending to learn about their general transfer policies and procedures.

For opportunities at institutions outside of Ontario, visit the institution’s website to learn about their admission procedures, transfer policies and procedures, deadlines, fees, etc.