Adult Neurogenic Disorders and Rehabilitation 2

This course is a continuation of ADULT NEUROGENIC DISORDERS AND REHABILITATION I (REHA 1100). Emphasis is placed on acquired neurological conditions other than cerebrovascular accident (CVA). Therapeutic intervention for speech, language, cognitive-communication and swallowing disorders associated with a variety of conditions including traumatic brain injury (TBI), dysarthria and degenerative neuromuscular conditions are discussed. Discussion will be on therapeutic intervention strategies, and include individual and group therapy, along with modification of the environment and caregiver education. Students are also introduced to screening and intervention in pediatric populations for swallowing disorders and traumatic brain injury. Students are exposed to a sample of assessment and screening tools, reports, intervention tools and activities, as well as strategies reflective of various treatment approaches. The role of the Communicative Disorders Assistant in implementing program recommendations is emphasized throughout the course.