Amplification Systems and Aural Rehabilitation

A continuation of AUDI 1100 this course will provide students with a broad understanding of the principles and methods of aural rehabilitation, as they apply to children and adults with hearing impairments, as well as their families and caregivers. Hearing aids, ear molds and assistive listening devices are examined. Electroacoustic analysis of hearing aids, and troubleshooting strategies/maintenance procedures for specific amplification systems are discussed and practiced. Basic clinical measures of hearing aid candidacy/benefit and the fundamentals of room acoustics on hearing aid performance are examined. Philosophies and methodologies of aural rehabilitation are also discussed. Students will also develop an understanding of cochlear implants, auditory-verbal therapy, the Deaf community, auditory processing disorders, room acoustics and assistive listening/alert devices and technology. This course also includes a lab component where students can practice the skills learned with their classmates as well as the opportunity to assist with hearing screenings of children and/or adults.