Environmental Sampling

This is a combined theory and lab/field course which provides instruction on environmental sampling and analysis, and associated environmental quality assurance, quality control practices utilized in industry and government. The theory component of the course is designed to develop an overall understanding of the natural environment (e.g., stream erosion and deposition, soil types, texture and classes, groundwater porosity and permeability, etc.) which is the integral component of understanding how various contaminants interact within varying environmental conditions. The laboratory/field work component of the course is designed to build on the theoretical knowledge delivered and provide the students with practical experience in utilizing various established monitoring and sampling protocols for different media and writing technical reports to develop the skills required to convey the technical information and derive recommendations and conclusions that are applicable to the various site conditions. The link with more advanced hydrogeology and hydrology is made both in the lectures and in the environmental chemistry and environmental engineering courses taken in future semesters in the program.