Emerging Technologies

This course has students engage with technologies from broadly emerging areas which reflect up-to-date developments in the IT industry. Working in conjunction with the professor, students will identify three emerging areas of technology to be studied throughout the semester. Students will then select current examples from each the identified areas for further research. Each example will be investigated by a team of students to discover and present information including but not limited to its central characteristics, primary applications, available resources and possible impacts upon the industry. Findings will be communicated by teams in the form of instructional materials, exercises and/or workshops which provide their peers with opportunities to learn and engage with different aspects of the emerging technology. This course allows students to observe industry trends and discover new tools to further develop the necessary skills for the assessment and analysis of technologies that will impact their future learning and careers. The list of broadly emerging areas of IT will possibly include: Internet of Things (Edge Computing, Smart Sensor Networks), Containerization (Kubernetes, Ansible), Blockchain (Private, Public, Federated…), Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence (Computer Vision, Natural Language Processing, AutoML, Self-Learning Systems, the potential to disrupt pretty much everything, etc.), Non-Relational Databases and Exotic Computing (e.g. Quantum / Exascale Computing).