Integrated Pest Management

This course studies the basic concepts, principles and components including anticipation, prevention, observation and intervention involved in integrated pest management in fields and greenhouses. Pest monitoring protocols and sampling plans will be developed for major pests. Proper residue and waste management, cultural practices, biological and mechanical control techniques, and pesticides application will be considered. Pesticide options will be discussed with timing and safe handling, storage, drift, safety, environment, residues on produce, legislation and dose calculation. Students will be trained in both backpack and powered spray equipment calibration. Integrated Pest Management programs will be developed for selected crops/plants. Also, students will study integrated pest management for indoor plants for homes, offices or solariums. Upon completion of this course the students would be able to write the certificate exam for the Ministry of Environment Pesticide License (Landscape/greenhouse module) and the Pesticide safety exam for the Ministry of Agriculture (Growers/Assistants module).