Advanced Fitness 1 - Law

Law Enforcement fields require significant and specific levels of physical conditioning. The successful student will achieve the level of physical training necessary through the completion of individualized fitness training and BFOR testing. BFOR tests will included PREP, PARE and FITCO. Students will also complete a 1.5 mile run. The goal of this course is for a student to be able to achieve and maintain a high level of fitness, this will be achieved by attendance to a weekly fitness class and the completion of a fitness test that includes a cardiovascular, strength and flexibility components. Students will also learn how to deal with the stressors involved with the demands of working within the law enforcement and related fields. Theory, assignments and quizzes will be accessed online through DC Connect. A written test will enable the student to demonstrate their knowledge of the theory assignments completed. Students will be required to document their workouts weekly and submit to DC Connect.