Portfolio Assessment

The portfolio Assessment does not represent a "course" as per the conventional term. However, it does carry the mark value of a course in the totaling and averaging of grades. There is no regularly scheduled number of hours per week. The mark does carry hourly weightings. The assessment takes place in the form of a faculty viewing and evaluation of a student's display of their core course projects completed in semesters 3 & 4. All subjects are to be shown. It is expected that the work will be presented in a professional manner as they would in an actual employment interview. This format also applies to the student's personal decorum and explanations to the faculty's' questions about the work. Two to Three faculty are usually in attendance to conduct the assessment, however, all faculty will usually review each student's work prior to the start of the assessment. The intention of the faculty is to help the student by giving him/her, pertinent feedback on their strengths and possible areas for improvement.