Chemistry 2

This course is a continuation of Chemistry I (CHEM 1131), and consists of two hours of lecture and a three hour lab session per week. The lectures deal with the theoretical aspects of chemical principles; whereas the lab relates to the practical applications of the science of chemistry and the development of the necessary basic skills required. Labs are designed around analysis of samples, with emphasis placed on accuracy. Topics discussed in the lectures include: periodic properties of elements, chemical bonding, intermolecular forces, properties of solutions, equibria and acid base chemistry. Emphasis is placed on problem solving skills development, especially with respect to solution chemistry. The laboratory sessions include a topic on lab safety and experiments involving sample preparation, use of the analytical balance, solution preparation and standardization, analysis of samples by various procedures (volumetric, gravimetric, etc.), the use of glassware, and the use of simple instrumentation (spec 20, pH meters, etc.).