This course deals with more advanced topics in computer-aided design (CAD) and computer-aided engineering (CAE) as well as an introduction to 3D scanning, additive manufacturing (3D printing) and mechatronics design to ensure that students truly experience the design cycle through which all engineered products pass. Through a series of labs, assignments and team projects, students will design, reverse-engineer and analyze a variety of mechanical components using finite element analysis and Excel to meet stress, deflection and weight specifications. They will also continue to hone their ability to generate effective detail and assembly drawings while adhering to industrial standards, geometrical dimensioning & tolerancing (GD&T) practices and incorporating parametric modelling into their designs. Finally, students will learn how to animate and analyze a variety of mechanical drive systems that incorporate gear trains, cam followers and slider crank mechanisms as well as receive an introduction to microcontroller systems so that they can effectively design in a fully mechatronic environment by incorporating lights, motors, speakers, sensors and liquid crystal displays into their designs.