Cognitive-Behavioural Based Psychoeducation

This course builds on the knowledge and skills gained in the first semester ‘Group Counselling Practices' [ADDC1507] and ‘Mental Health Treatment: Theories and Models' [ADDC1509] courses. The course will focus on CBT-informed approaches to working with thoughts and behaviours as well as DBT-informed approaches to emotion regulation. Both theoretical knowledge and specific clinical tools related to Cognitive-Behaviour Therapy [CBT] and Dialectical Behaviour Therapy [DBT] will be explored. Students will also continue to develop their skills in providing psycho-education about strategies for managing addictions and mental health challenges to groups in a therapeutic setting, with a focus on teaching CBT and DBT-informed concepts covered in the course. The course blends theoretical learning with experiential learning, requiring students to complete and reflect on their use of several CBT and DBT-informed clinical tools. The experiential component of this course also includes the opportunity to develop and conduct a CBT or DBT-informed psycho-educational workshop for student peers.