Architectural Project I

Architectural Project I aims to familiarize students with the basic processes and methods of architectural programming and particularly for the preparation of their graduation design projects (Architectural Project II course). In Project I, selection of a project and a site is up to each student; however restrictions on the size and type of project will be provided and explained by the professor during the first class. The architectural project can be completed in pairs or individually. In Project I, students will work on the pre-design phase, research and analyse similar buildings, analyse and develop their project programme, analyse the site (orientations, accesses, zoning requirements…etc), develop and analyse different building form configurations, identify opportunities for sustainable design, analyse the building code requirements, research and analyse the appropriate building envelope and at the end of the semester students will present an interim design development report that establishes priorities and directions for Architectural Project II. In this course students will investigate and synthesize several building types; example of complex projects, including, but are not limited to: single multi-use building project: residential both market condominium (high rise building) and subsidized rental (senior living), institutional (school project, kindergarten…etc), sport complex. At the end of Project II, students will develop both Design and Construction Documentation of their complex project developed in Project I. The work completed in this course is considered as representative of the Program Capstone Project.