Trauma-Informed Practices

The primary focus of this course is to understand trauma, trauma-informed practice, and how trauma can impact clients and populations. The course will provide an overview of best practices in "Trauma-Informed Practice" care. Students will be able to identify the symptoms of trauma, and understand the impact of trauma on overall psycho-social functioning. The course will explore the correlations between trauma and other challenges such as addictions, systemic oppression, and other mental health disorders. The course will focus on clinical strategies for working with populations who have experienced trauma, and introduce students with a range of treatment interventions, which will support clients to effectively manage symptoms of trauma. The course will address the impact of vicarious trauma and trauma exposure to helping professionals and explore potential transference/countertransference when working with clients and populations. Finally, the course will utilize case studies and unique topics such as intimate partner violence, intergenerational trauma, refugees, and immigration, critical incident trauma to assist students in developing a practical approach to trauma-informed practice