About us

Since 1967, Durham College (DC) has been guided by an unwavering commitment to student success. The Office of Advancement and Alumni Relations supports the Durham College Alumni Association comprised of more than 110,000 graduates who have gone on to outstanding career success within our community and beyond. The Alumni Association is represented by a Board of Directors comprised of elected representatives from its membership. The Office of Advancement and Alumni Relations is responsible for maintaining communication with our alumni and keeping them connected to the DC community.

This includes:

  • Co-ordinating events, affinity programs, and other initiatives.
  • Maintaining up-to-date alumni records.
  • Serving as the link between campus and the Alumni Association.

As a DC grad, you’re also entitled to great benefits with your DC alumni card. Stay in touch and take advantage of the many services and benefits for alumni. Join us on LinkedIn, follow us on Instagram at @alumni_dc and visit the DC Alumni Facebook page.


Office of Advancement and Alumni Relations
Simcoe Village Residence
1910 Simcoe Street North

T: 905.721.3035