COOK 1928

Come and learn the exotic art of making sushi, sashimi and maki. You will learn how to create some of the cleanest, most impeccably put together food in all the Orient. You will be taught how to put together amazing yet simple rolls using whatever ingredients you have in your fridge.


Hands-on class. You are required to bring the following kitchen tools: 12-16" non-serrated knife, paring knife, metal tongs, whisk, rubber spatula, wooden spoon, tasting spoons, a kitchen scale (metric), measuring spoons (metric), a kitchen towel, oven mitts and take-home containers. You are required to wear long pants and sleeves and non-marking, non-slip shoes.


  • Fall - None required

Scheduled Dates

45118Sat28-OCT-17 to 28-OCT-1710:00 am -
02:00 pm
4Whitby CFF CFF 103X Tbaus47$107.35
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