Campus Health Centre
  • Campus Recreation and Wellness Centre - Room G1030
    T: 905.721.3037
    F: 905.721.3133
  • Hours of Operation
    8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
Medical clinic

Health and medical

Mission statement

We are aware of the importance of maintaining a state of health and the direct relationship health has on academic achievement.

Our mission is to help maintain total health through assessment, education, treatment and prevention and to restore optimum health. We strive for excellence in the provision of our services.

Shared Values

Our values are the guiding principles by which our behaviours and accountabilities manifest.

The Campus Health Centre values the following:

  • Health & wellness is the responsibility of the individual
  • Health enhances academic success
  • Health care is accessible to everyone
  • We utilize the holistic approach in the delivery of service
  • We provide total care to the diverse culture within our campus


All services are confidential and comprehensive. Our team consists of physicians, nurses, mental health professionals and administrative staff working together to assist you in managing your healthy lifestyle.

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