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Unique new program offerings for 2013/2014

Distance yourself from the competition with the advanced skills and education necessary for employment. Graduate with the job-ready skills that will ensure you hit the ground running in your new career.

Activation Coordination in Gerontology (graduate certificate)
The primary goal of activation professionals is to design and deliver meaningful therapeutic activity programs that enhance the quality of life of older persons. You will learn [...]
Architectural Technician program
The two-year Architectural Technician program involves preparing designs, construction drawings and specifications for a variety of building types and will appeal to both your creative and analytical side with instruction in freehand sketching, history of architecture, renovation and restoration, site planning and technical communications.
Architectural Technology program
In the three-year Architectural Technology program you will focus on the commercial aspect of construction and renovation and gain an in-depth understanding of building and construction technology. You will gain knowledge and skills in computer-aided drawing; building methods and project management; com­pu­ter-aided drafting programs […]
Broadcasting for Contemporary Media
Whether you’re interested in the creative, technical or business aspect of broadcasting in radio, television or web-based media, the two-year Broadcasting for Contemporary Media program offers the practical experience […]
Culinary Management program at Durham College
You will learn to provide accomplished culinary planning, preparation, and presentation for a variety of food-service environments. With a strong emphasis on theory, service, managerial and supervisory training you will become equipped with the skills and industry knowledge required to succeed as a chef, cook or culinary manager […]
Electrical Techniques program
In the Electrical Techniques program you will learn to assist in the interpretation and preparation of electrical drawings and related documents and how to analyze and solve simple technical problems related to basic electrical systems by applying mathematics and science principles.
Event planning is a highly specialized field that requires a versatile set of skills including elements of the hospitality and tourism industry, business, public relations, social media and technology well as specialty fields such as [...]
This General Arts and Science stream is specifically designed to assist students who do not meet Durham College’s business program entrance requirements [...]
General Arts and Science (one-year)
This General Arts and Science stream affords you an opportunity to build a highly-personalized program of study. As with all General Arts and Science streams [...]
The Health Preparation option of the General Arts and Science program is designed for individuals interested in pursuing a health sciences career. This option [...]
The Liberal Arts UOIT Transfer option of the General Arts and Science program is designed for individuals interested in pursuing studies in [...]
The Liberal Arts UOIT Transfer – Forensics option of the General Arts and Science program is designed for individuals interested in pursuing studies [...]
The Nursing Preparation UOIT Transfer option of the General Arts and Science program is designed for individuals interested in pursuing studies in the [...]
The Science and Engineering Preparation UOIT Transfer option of the General Arts and Science program is designed for individuals interested in pursuing various science [...]
Artisan Agriculture
The creative and innovative concepts and practices of food and farming are suited to an urban lifestyle and enhanced by being able to serve a large, nearby consumer [...]
A caterer laying out spreads of fresh fruit on a table at an event
The Hospitality Skills program will provide you with an introduction to hotel, restaurant and tourism operations and the knowledge and expertise required for an entry-level position in the hospitality field. You will [...]
Information Systems Security
This program is designed for students with previous education (please see the entrance requirements section of this page for more detail). This eight-month graduate certificate program focuses on information systems security as it applies to business and will provide a hands-on approach to understanding a broad range of security concepts […]
Journalism – Print (two-year)/Journalism – Print and Broadcast (three-year)
This program is based in sound journalism practices, graduates will have well-rounded knowledge, skills and experiences in the principles and practice of [...]
A journalism student on placement at a local television channel
This program addresses the broad changes occurring in the media landscape and offers a progressive and refined curriculum that will allow you to focus on [...]
Durham College Law Clerk students
The three-semester Law Clerk Advanced program will provide you with extensive training in the theory and practise of law as well as the advanced computer training required to give you the edge to launch an exciting […]
Mechanical Engineering Technician – Non-Destructive Evaluation
This program will provide you with the training and hands-on experience necessary to begin a career in [...]
Mechanical Techniques Plumbing
As a student in the Mechanical Techniques – Plumbing program, you will learn basic skills and how to install, repair and maintain pipes, fixtures and other plumbing equipment used for water distribution, all while using the most contemporary equipment within state-of-the-art facilities […]
Occupational Therapist Assistant/Physiotherapist Assistant program
Occupational therapy assistants (OTA) and physiotherapy assistants (PTA) work under the supervision of a registered occupational therapist or physiotherapist assisting them with treatment plans for individuals who have conditions that are mentally, physically, developmentally or emotionally disabling.
Project Management 1
To remain competitive in a global economy, organizations are using project management processes to shorten project development cycles, respond quickly and effectively to opportunities, re-evaluate their processes, capitalize on the technical knowledge within the organization and control costs. Project management is one of the top skill sets sought [...]
Special Events program
This new program will provide you with the skills and training required to bring together hospitality, accommodation, culinary and professional services with the cultural, historical and natural attractions of a geographical location. Whether you are planning cultural and social events, charitable fundraisers, conventions, festivals, weddings or corporate affairs [...]
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