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Distance yourself from the competition with the advanced skills and education necessary for employment. Graduate with the job-ready skills that will ensure you hit the ground running in your new career.

Durham College Accounting and Payroll students
This diploma program will enable students to acquire the skills and knowledge needed for accounting, payroll and human resources practices, and related technology applications.
Three chefs in a kitchen pose for a photo.
The Advanced Baking and Pastry Arts graduate certificate program is designed for individuals with previous formal education credentials, and equips them with new skills to allow them to succeed in a broader range of employment opportunities in the culinary industry.
Event planning is a highly specialized field that requires a versatile set of skills including elements of the hospitality and tourism industry, business, public relations, social media and technology well as specialty fields such as [...]
A caterer laying out spreads of fresh fruit on a table at an event
The Hospitality Skills program will provide you with an introduction to hotel, restaurant and tourism operations and the knowledge and expertise required for an entry-level position in the hospitality field. You will [...]

For students who want the best of both worlds, this joint Durham College and University of Ontario Institute of Technology (UOIT) diploma to degree program will enable you to earn a human resources (HR) college diploma and university honours degree in only four years. The opportunity to study in both learning environments provides a solid [...]

Durham College Insurance program.
This program is designed to provide students with a broad exposure to business with a specialization in general (property and casualty) insurance
This program allows students to learn technical and creative forms of media and expand their creative thinking, computer skills and knowledge of a variety of digital technologies.
A mobile phone and tablet computer
This program is designed for individuals with work experience on the front- and back-end of web design; a web technologies-base; or a media-related diploma or degree. In just two semesters, it will show you how to use the Apple Mobile Operating System (iOS) and Android platform to deliver apps, websites and rich media. [...]
Welding Techniques
This two-year program will provide students with exceptional welding skills sought by employers in the structural, pressure vessel and manufacturing industries. […]
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