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Distance yourself from the competition with the advanced skills and education necessary for employment. Graduate with the job-ready skills that will ensure you hit the ground running in your new career.

Durham College Accounting and Payroll students
This diploma program will enable students to acquire the skills and knowledge needed for accounting, payroll and human resources practices, and related technology applications.
Three chefs in a kitchen pose for a photo.
The Advanced Baking and Pastry Arts graduate certificate program is designed for individuals with previous formal education credentials, and equips them with new skills to allow them to succeed in a broader range of employment opportunities in the culinary industry.
Advanced Filmmaking
The Advanced Filmmaking graduate certificate program builds upon previously learned skills by providing opportunities to explore various advanced skills in film and video production leading to employment and/or entrepreneurship in the film and television industries.
View of iPad Screen
Designed for students with previous education and/or experience in advertising and marketing communications, this program will broaden understanding of integrated campaigns, while teaching new skills in the strategic planning, content creation, research, design, and implementation of digital programs.
Two business people sitting in front of a desktop computer pointing at a chart and smiling
This program provides the fundamental skills in computer technologies including programming languages, systems development, and operating systems that will open the door to pursuing additional certifications and/or diplomas. […]
A circuit board of a computer
In today’s world of personal computers, networking and applications, computer systems technicians are in high demand. After acquiring the expertise required
The Finance – Business program will provide students with the skills and training required to work in a variety of areas within financial services including, firms dealing with pension plans, scholarships, educational savings plans, and investments funds.
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Through the program and field placement, students will gain the skills and knowledge required to work in the field of financial services. In addition to a foundation in business, learning will be focused on a diverse selection [...]

For students who want the best of both worlds, this joint Durham College and University of Ontario Institute of Technology (UOIT) diploma to degree program will enable you to earn a human resources (HR) college diploma and university honours degree in only four years. The opportunity to study in both learning environments provides a solid [...]

Two professionals using a laptop with one pointing to the screen
With the help of research data and a solid understanding of consumer behaviour, marketers get involved at the design stage to ensure
This program allows students to learn technical and creative forms of media and expand their creative thinking, computer skills and knowledge of a variety of digital technologies.
Practical Nursing
Approved by the College of Nurses of Ontario (CNO), the Practical Nursing program teaches the knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary to practise as a safe, competent and professional practical nurse. Using the [...]
Welding Techniques
This two-year program will provide students with exceptional welding skills sought by employers in the structural, pressure vessel and manufacturing industries. […]
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