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School of Media, Art & Design


School of Media, Art & Design

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School of Media, Art & Design (MAD)

Welcome to the School of Media, Art & Design (MAD) website! Here you can explore information about the different programs offered and the potential career opportunities available to you after completing your diploma.

Advertising and Marketing Communications
This program is designed to provide students with the knowledge and skills necessary to succeed in the evolving and exciting world of advertising. […]
Animation – Digital Arts (two-year)/Animation-Digital Production
The Animation – Digital Arts/Digital Production program was developed with input from veterans in the animation and film industry and continues to garner enthusiastic support from studios and professional artists across the country. All of our professors come from industry, ready to share their knowledge and experience with students. […]
Broadcasting for Contemporary Media
Whether you’re interested in the creative, technical or business aspect of broadcasting in radio, television or web-based media, the two-year Broadcasting for Contemporary Media program offers the practical experience […]
Contemporary Web Design (Formerly Internet Applications and Web Development)
This program will prepare you for an exciting career in the growing field of web design and development including providing you with the knowledge, skills and experiences necessary to design, develop and maintain Internet, intranet and e-commerce applications […]
Digital Photography
This program is designed to provide a balance between strong technical skills and artistic vision. With an emphasis on effective composition and meaningful content, you will explore a variety of topics. This program also emphasizes critical thinking and combines creative theory, technical language and practical experience through [...]
Digital Video Production
The Digital Video Production program will prepare you for a career in the exciting world of film, video and television. You will be introduced to: Basic principles of electronic field production and electronic news gathering; Composition; Lighting; Principles of camera operation; Sound design; Studio production; and Video editing. [...]
Fine arts - Advanced
The Fine Arts program will offer you a wide range of experience and knowledge in the visual arts through a variety of ideas, mediums, materials and techniques. With curriculum based on fundamental courses in art, craft and design, you will be introduced to historical precedents, critical analysis and the practical skills natural […]
Foundations in Art and Design
This program will expose you to a broad blend of art and design instruction and practice. In two semesters, you will be given the opportunity to see whether you are willing and/or able to pursue further art and design studies and successfully develop a career associated with art […]
Game Development
This program was developed with input from veterans in the digital entertainment industry and continues to garner enthusiastic support from studios and professional artists across the country. All of our professors come from that industry and are ready to share their knowledge and experience with you […]
Graphic Design
This program will prepare you for the graphic design field as an entry-level designer. You will learn the skills required to solve specific visual problems through practical work that covers a broad spectrum of visual communication in corporate, editorial and advertising design. […]
Contemporary Media Design
Students enrolled in the Contemporary Media Design program produce interactive and animated assets for websites, along with 2- and 3-D illustrations and info-graphics for multimedia applications running on multiple devices. Graduates of this program will […]
Journalism – Print (two-year)/Journalism – Print and Broadcast (three-year)
This program is based in sound journalism practices, graduates will have well-rounded knowledge, skills and experiences in the principles and practice of [...]
Journalism – Print (two-year)/Journalism – Print and Broadcast (three-year)
This program will no longer be offered in its current format. Students interested in this program should review the programs that will replace it, Journalism – Web and Print and and/or Journalism – Broadcast and Electronic Media. Both new programs will begin in September 2014. [...]
A journalism student on placement at a local television channel
This program addresses the broad changes occurring in the media landscape and offers a progressive and refined curriculum that will allow you to focus on [...]
This program allows students to learn technical and creative forms of media and expand their creative thinking, computer skills and knowledge of a variety of digital technologies.
Music Business Administration/Music Business Management
This program will prepare you to manage the business aspect of the music and entertainment industries. Although it mainly focuses on the music industry, generic skills common to all business enterprises are also covered. The business side of the program will prepare you for careers […]
Public Relations
This fast-track, three-year diploma program, which is delivered over two calendar years, focuses on effective communication strategies in the public relations industry. Public relations (PR) practitioners must be versatile and skilled writers and speakers as they help people and organizations explain who they are, what they do and why they do it. You will develop your writing [...]
VFX and Digital Cinema (graduate certificate)
Designed for students who have relevant education and experience the VFX and Digital Cinema program will introduce you to the various techniques and technical processes used to create visual effects (VFX) for film and television. In-course projects will be used to create a finished portfolio including a demo reel.You will gain professional experience and knowledge [...]
A mobile phone and tablet computer
This program is designed for individuals with work experience on the front- and back-end of web design; a web technologies-base; or a media-related diploma or degree. In just two semesters, it will show you how to use the Apple Mobile Operating System (iOS) and Android platform to deliver apps, websites and rich media. [...]
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