Board of Governors

Established in 1967, Durham College has grown into a premier post-secondary choice for more than 12,000 full-time, post-secondary and apprenticeship students as well as part-time and continuing education students and online learners.

Colleges of applied arts and technology are established and governed by the Ontario Colleges of Applied Arts and Technology Act, 2002 and Regulations for the Act: O.Reg. 34/03. The Ontario Ministry of Advanced Education and Skills Development provides a policy framework, guidance and oversight of colleges.

The Board of Governors is the college’s legal governing body and is responsible for the recruitment of the 12 external board members who sit as representatives of the community. Of these 12, two-thirds are appointed by the Board and one-third by the Lieutenant Governor in Council. By virtue of office, the college president is a voting member of the board while four other internal members are elected, one from each of the student, and support, academic and administrative staff constituencies.  With the exception of the college president, all members sit as volunteers.

As outlined in the Ontario Ministry of Advanced Education and Skills Development Minister’s Binding Policy Directive, Governance and Accountability Framework – Section 1.0 Governance and Accountability, the role of the Board of Governors includes, at a minimum:

  • Establishing governance structures to enable the achievement of expected institutional outcomes with clear lines of communication and internal accountability.
  • Setting the college vision, strategic direction and overall goals and outcomes within the context of the appropriate laws, government policies and local needs.
  • Approving the college’s annual business plan and budget and annual report.
  • Hiring the president, delegating to the president accountability for the performance and operation of the college and evaluating the president’s performance.
  • Regularly assessing the attainment of corporate goals and outcomes by the president and the effectiveness of the board with respect to governance.
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