One or more printers are available for student printing in each UOIT library.

Solutions to Printing Problems:

The printer has a message screen which may indicate the problem:

1 . If the message screen displays a READY message, then there are not any printer problems. Check the following:

  • Printing is provided by IT Services and only current students can access these printers. Other patrons cannot print but can send documents to an email account.
  • The computers in the libraries have been configured to print to the public printer on the floor where the computer is located. To allow printing to another public printer or to print from a Mobile Learning laptop the printer must be added.

How to add a printer (look under ‘Printer Configuration…’)

Library printers are as follows:

North Oshawa Campus Library (2000 Simcoe Street North)

  • NCLibraryPrinters
    Printers in the following rooms are associated with ‘NCLibraryPrinters’
     LIB136 (Floor I)
     LIB218 (Floor II)
     LIB322 (Floor III)
     LIB026 (Basement)
    Note: Printers in the above mentioned rooms use ‘Swipe Station’. Once a print job is given to ‘NCLibraryPrinters’, you can go to any of the above mentioned room, swipe your card (if you don’t have your ID card, enter your network ID and password), select the job you want to print and press the ‘Print’ button to print it. If there are more than one, select each one of them before pressing the ‘Print’ button.
  • APLIB132-1 (Classroom LIB132)
  • APLIB134-1 (Classroom LIB134)

Social Science and Education Library (61 Charles Street)

  • The printers in the libraries default to double-sided printing.
  • The printers in the libraries do NOT print to legal size paper. To check/change the paper size of your document:
    • File
    • Page Setup…
    • Paper
    • Paper size
    • Change to ‘Letter 8 ½ x 11 in’ if necessary
    • OK (to save any changes)
  • Print from the ‘Print’ option within your document. Learn more about printing a pdf document from a browser.
  • Students are provided with a limited number of free prints each academic year. Your ‘print account’ may be empty. Once you are logged into any library computer you can check your print account balance by clicking on the ‘Print Balance.url’ icon on the computer desktop. You can also determine your print balance by visiting To purchase additional prints students should inquire with IT Services.
  • If all of the above are okay then ask for assistance at the Circulation/Service desk.

2 . If the message screen says TRAY 1 EMPTY , then the printer should print from the other tray(s). Check other possible problems in step one above.

3 . If the message screen says TONER LOW , then the printer should still print. Check other possible problems in step one above.

4 . If the message screen is displaying a message other than those listed above or it still won’t print please ask for assistance at the Circulation/Service desk.

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