Registration process and documentation requirements

Students who wish to request exceptionality related accommodations and support through the ASC, will require an intake appointment. Your intake appointment will provide you with an opportunity to discuss your individual learning needs and how our office may be able to support you.

Students will be required to provide up to date/current medical and/or psychological documentation from the appropriate professional prior to receiving accommodations.

ASC Registration steps

  1. Complete the Student Information Form [PDF – 259 KB] and submit by email, fax or in person. We encourage students to complete this step as soon as you’ve been admitted to the college.
  2. Along with the intake form, submit copies of your supporting documentation.
  3. A staff member will contact you to arrange your initial appointment.

Documentation requirements

By providing the appropriate documentation to the ASC in a timely manner, we are better able to address your needs.

Please click on the link for your exceptionality to review the documentation requirements.

Students with LD, AD/HD and Asperger’s Syndrome

Students with visual, hearing, medical, mental health, cognitive and physical disabilities

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