Co curricular
Co curricular

Co-curricular Recognition program

The Co-curricular Recognition program was developed to support and recognize student participation in campus activities while offering them the opportunity to reflect on the learning opportunities each activity has offered.

There are three features to the Co-curricular Recognition program. They include a:

  • Volunteer directory with several search engines to help you learn about activities on campus.
  • Co-curricular record development tool.
  • Student leadership awards management system.

Each activity you add to your record will be verified by the activity’s overseeing staff person before being included on your official co-curricular record.

Your co-curricular record:

  • Allows you to analyze and evaluate your learning by participating in the activity.
  • Validates your campus involvement for future employers or academic institutions.
  • Enhances your resume and portfolio.
  • Complements your academic transcript.
  • Supports the Student Leadership Awards program.


Begin to search activities and create your record now by logging into the portal using your MyCampus login information!

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