Test/exam guidelines for students

Important information to know before using the Test Centre

All Durham College policy and procedures for tests and exams apply in the Test Centre.

Durham College’s Academic Integrity Policy is applied in the Test Centre. If a Test Centre staff finds any evidence of cheating, materials will be confiscated and submitted to your faculty. Faculty will determine the appropriate course of action.

Requests for accommodation changes can only be approved by an accessibility coach.

Students must request changes for final exams prior to the Test Centre final exam sign up deadline. Changes approved after this date will be implemented for the next term.

Tests are to be scheduled at the same time as class.

If a student requires a change to the start/end time due to their accommodations, the student is responsible for ensuring these changes are approved by faculty.

It is the students’ responsibility to ensure that faculty are aware of the need for the test to be delivered in advance of the class start time.

Students must arrive on time.

Students are required to remain in the test centre for 30 minutes after the time class starts to write their test.

Specific rules apply regarding lateness and exams in a formal exam period and are outlined by Durham College.

Students who are unable to write a test or exam that they have scheduled with the Test Centre should:

  1. Contact faculty immediately. Faculty will determine whether you will be permitted to write the test or exam on an alternative day.
  2. Contact the Test Centre at testcentre@dc-uoit.ca or 905 721-2000 x 2557.
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