External exams – written and online

The Test Centre provides proctoring and invigilating for written and online exams for students or groups of students of accredited learning institutions other than Durham College. Examples include colleges, universities, institutes, professional accreditation bodies and trade associations.


The exam writer is responsible for paying the fees listed in the table below. Exam fees must be paid prior to the exam sitting. Rescheduling fees are only incurred if an exam writer moves a confirmed exam date. Courier fees are only incurred at the request of the student or institution/association. Organizations paying fees on behalf of exam writers may be invoiced.

Exam fee

$70 per exam sitting

Rescheduling fee (as needed)

$25 per rescheduling

Courier fees (as needed)

$12 per shipment

Booking a test

  1. Review our Open Session Calendar and select a session by date and time. There should be 20 days between your booking request and the exam date to allow your institution to send your exam to the Test Centre, and to allow for the Test Centre to plan and meet all the exam delivery requirements.
  2. Start your booking request with one of the following methods (shown in preferred order):
      1. Test Centre Booking Request – online form
      2. Email – testcentre@dc-uoit.ca – with your contact information and exam details
      3. In-person – During Reception hours, Gordon Willey Building, Room B291
      4. Telephone – 905.721.2000 ext. 2557
  3. Contact your institution and have them send your exam to the Durham College Test Centre. Ensure there is 20 days from your contact to the exam writing date. Failure to provide 20 days puts you at risk of incurring a $25 rescheduling fee. This step is the exam writer’s responsibility; the Test Centre is not authorized to solicit exams on behalf of exam writers.
  4. When your exam arrives, the Test Centre will contact you to confirm the exam date, time, permitted aids, and ID requirements. The Test Centre will also process your payment. The Test Centre accepts Visa or MasterCard payments by phone, debit card in person in advance, and, certified cheque or money order in person.
      1. If you elect to pay by certified cheque or money order, and fail to bring this payment to your exam sitting, you will not be permitted to write your exam, and will be assessed a rescheduling fee of $25 to write on an alternate date.
      2. Please note the Test Centre does not accept cash for payment at any time.


If you cancel your exam after the booking has been confirmed and the exam has been received, you will receive a refund of the payment amount less a $25 administration fee, and any courier fees or other disbursements incurred.

If you fail to show up for a confirmed exam, a $25 rescheduling fee will be levied payable prior to the next rescheduled date.

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