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VFX and Digital Cinema (graduate certificate)
Designed for students who have relevant education and experience the VFX and Digital Cinema program will introduce you to the various techniques and technical processes used to create visual effects (VFX) for film and television. In-course projects will be used to create a finished portfolio including a demo reel.You will gain professional experience and knowledge [...]
Victimology (graduate certificate)
In just eight months, this program will give individuals with related experience and education the specialized knowledge and skills in victimology required to provide a variety of services to victims and their families. You will focus on various types of crimes (e.g. childhood physical and sexual abuse, human trafficking, intimate partner abuse and sexual assault)[…]
Digital Video Production
The Digital Video Production program will prepare you for a career in the exciting world of film, video and television. You will be introduced to: Basic principles of electronic field production and electronic news gathering; Composition; Lighting; Principles of camera operation; Sound design; Studio production; and Video editing. [...]
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