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Biomedical Engineering Technology
The health-care industry in Canada and around the world is growing exponentially. The use of sophisticated electronic, computer-controlled and networked equipment has created a demand for specialized, well trained graduates with a focus on the biomedical applications of electronic engineering technology. […]
Biomedical Engineering Technology (compressed, fast-track)
If you are a domestic or internationally educated student with an Electrical Engineering, Electronics or Biomedical degree you may be eligible for this compressed, fast track opportunity to complete your diploma requirements in four semesters. […]
Biotechnology Technologist (Biotechnology Pharmaceutical) (compressed,fast-track)
In our Biotechnology laboratory, you will conduct extensive experiments in cell and molecular biology in order to develop essential laboratory skills including learning how to isolate and manipulate DNA; purify and characterize proteins; and grow and maintain cells in tissue culture. Once your basic skills are developed, you will […]
Biotechnology Technologist, biotechnology - advanced
This program will prepare you to obtain employment in a wide variety of science-related industries. You will develop highly transferrable laboratory skills essential to the biotechnology industry. You will conduct extensive experiments in cell and molecular biology in our Biotechnology laboratory and learn how to isolate and […]
Broadcasting for Contemporary Media
Whether you’re interested in the creative, technical or business aspect of broadcasting in radio, television or web-based media, the two-year Broadcasting for Contemporary Media program offers the practical experience […]
Construction Carpentry – Sustainable
In as little as 16 months, you can acquire the knowledge required to construct energy efficient and environmentally responsible residential buildings and perform a wide range of carpentry tasks and obtain the skills required to upgrade existing buildings. [...]
Business Fundamentals
This program is designed for individuals who want to develop skills and knowledge appropriate for an entry-level position in a business setting. You will study: Accounting; Business communications; Human resource management; Marketing; Principles of a business organization; and Operations management. [...]
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