• Testimonials
    • Testimonials
      Aaron Baird
      Police Foundations

      I thoroughly enjoyed my course and it was a great experience for me. I met a lot of great friends that I'll have forever.

      Abigail Arku-Matey
      Office Administration - Medical

      My favourite project was the one we had in a doctor's office procedure where we actually got to do what we're going to be doing in the real world. Filing, computer work, sending out letters to other companies. That was my favourite project of all because it was most like the real world. 

      Adam Bagi
      Hospitality Management

      I enjoyed my time at Durham College because the learning environment was significantly smaller than other institutions I have attended. This allowed me to meet with my professors and be on a first name basis with them. The opportunity to get to know your faculty takes an enormous amount of pressure off of students that are nervous about their post-secondary studies. 

      Adam Bryan
      Hospitality, Tourism and Hotel Business Management

       I was taught by some of the greatest and most experienced professors, always putting my questions to rest with understandable answers that not only solved my problem, but also encouraged me to dig deeper. I loved my two years at DC. The memories and relationships that have formed here are certainly never going to be forgotten!

      Adrian Webb
      Culinary Skills
      First-year student

      I have a dream to open a restaurant in Durham, so I thought going to school here would establish my legacy.

      Adrianna Branco
      Power Engineering Technician

      When I started off I knew nothing about any technology but the program taught me how to use different tools and go about different things. Now I can plumb my own drains! It's something you will use throughout life. 

      Aferdita Cukali
      Dental Assistanting (Levels I and II)

      Durham College is the best college in the world and they have the best instructors.

      Advice for new students: Choose Durham College. You will be one of the best students in the world once you graduate.

      Dental assistant to Dr. Jeffrey Clausner

      Agya Oppong-Kyekyeku
      Multimedia Design

      I love Durham College because the faculty helped me with my career path. My College diploma helped me get a job with Disney; now I travel the world and do exactly what I love to do. And my teammates from the Lords soccer team were great.

      Aleena MacLean
      Sport Business Management

      At Durham, the instructors are willing to help you in any way, even after you graduate. It’s a great school, definitely one you want to consider attending

      Program and event co-ordinator
      Coaching Association of Ontario

      Alistair Belyea
      Computer Systems Technology

      Computer Systems Technology is really good for people going into the field of IT because it gives you the knowledge you need to succeed in the field. 

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