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Field placement

What is Field Placement?

A field placement assists students in relating the theory learned in school, to practice in the field. It is an opportunity for students to gain vital work experience, develop professional contacts within the industry, and enhance their résumé while studying.

Field placement enables each student, through consultation with his or her faculty supervisor, to:

  • Establish personal learning goals and objectives for growth and development.
  • Develop skills and effectively integrate classroom knowledge and apply it in the field.
  • Develop first hand understanding of the operation of a specific industry organization.

The practical aspects of field work, together with the academic studies at Durham College, enables students to better prepare themselves for a career upon graduation. As a working member in a host organization, the student becomes better prepared for professional service in his or her industry.

Students often bring fresh viewpoints and new ideas and can provide meaningful service to the company.

The Ministry of Advanced Education and Skills Development (MAESD) , considers that “practical experience is a mode of instruction designed to meet particular program objectives, as are other modes of instruction such as the classroom and laboratory”.

Are field placements paid?

Field placements give students’ valuable on-the-job training and, as such, are not paid. Transportation to and from the placement is the student’s responsibility. If the placement host is in a position to help cover transportation costs, this can be discussed with the student during the interview process. Some host agencies opt to pay students a stipend at the conclusion of their placement; however, this is not a requirement and is left to the discretion of the host.

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