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Many of my classmates have
all stuck together through our
four semesters at Durham College
and we are all so close and
comfortable with each other.
Some of the repeating teachers
we've had along the way are
also some of the best people
I've ever met. We're able to
joke around with them,
and it makes going to class a lot
more exciting!

Sarah King,
Class of 2014

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The faculty here at Durham College
are amazing. They make the
learning experience fun and
educational all at once. They take
something that can be so
intimidating and make the learning
environment so comfortable.
Without them, I would not be
where I am today.

Matthew Weston,
Class of 2014

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Honestly, the ladies that run the
Tim Horton’s in the B-Wing are
amazing. They work so hard and
get to know people on a regular
basis. They are so awesome!

Vanessa Peirce,
Class of 2014

2015 Graduating class gift


School Cup Challenge

The second-annual School Cup Challenge has come to a close with the Centre for Food named the victors.

From March 2 to 19, spring and fall 2015 graduates shared their favourite memories and experiences from their time at DC. Aside from bragging rights and an inscription on the trophy, the Centre for Food also receives a $1,000 bursary to award for the 2015-2016 academic year.

Additionally, Victoria Sykes, a student in the Hospitality Management program (Centre for Food) was the winner of $500 for sharing her favourite DC experience as part of the challenge.

Amy Branscombe, a student in the Animal Care program (School of Interdisciplinary Studies & Employment Services) was the lucky recipient of a pair of Toronto Maple Leafs tickets.



  • If you are a spring or fall 2015 grad, the challenge gives you the opportunity to share your favourite memories of DC, for a chance to win $500, a pair of Toronto Maple Leafs tickets and other amazing prizes.
  • The academic school with the highest student participation will win a bursary; $1,000 for first and $500 for second. This award will be given to a DC student for 2015-16 academic year.
  • The winning school will also have its name engraved on the School Cup Challenge trophy and of course, win bragging rights!
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