Correspondence is independent, paper-based learning that allows you to be a student as you pursue personal and working commitments. These flexible studies provide you with the opportunity to complete lessons and/or assignments in the comfort of your own home at times convenient to you. In most cases correspondence requires that students attend the campus towards the end of their course to write a final exam.

Upon registration, a course package will be sent out to you via courier.

Your course package will include:

  • Course outline and schedule
  • Study notes and assignments
  • Textbook information*
  • Instructor contact information

While learning is not scheduled, you have a maximum of fourteen weeks to complete a course, which includes completion of assignments/lessons and writing the final examination.

For correspondence information or to book an exam, please contact” or
Phone: 905.721.3052 or 1.888.627.1191

*Textbook (if required) can be purchased at the Durham College Bookstore or online at